Whole Foods Market SEOptimization & SEMarketing (Graded)

6 Dec

An important factor to consider when marketing a brand is Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing. These play an important role for the search of a brand, its products, and services. Below is a small analysis on Whole Foods Market’s SEO and SEM practices:

The most successful search term for Whole Foods Market is “Whole Foods Market” with 40,500 average monthly searches.

 The best keywords to search for WFM are “whole foods market locations,” “whole food market,” “whole foods market careers,” and “whole foods market stock.” These keywords show the highest amount of average monthly searches.

 “Whole foods market locations” is searched about 3,600 times in the U.S. with a steady stream on a month to month basis. Globally this keyword is searched for 4,400 times. “Whole food market” is used on average about 8,100 times in the U.S. and 12,100 globally. “Whole Foods Market careers” shows an average monthly search count of 1,000 in the U.S and globally. The amount of searches is steady however the highest peak was in October 2013. I predict that this is because the summer months were officially over and people were looking for jobs. It could also be an indication that people started looking forward and planning early for the winter holidays. The last keyword for WFM, showing the highest amount of searches, is “whole foods market stock.” The term shows an average search of 880 in the U.S. and globally. The term shows an increase in searches between January and April with the highest amount of searches in May. May shows an average search amount of 1,600, which are the most amounts of times the keyword was used. The high amount of search could be explained because of WFM’s distribution stock splits in May 2013.

 “Whole food markets,” is the most expensive keyword with a $3.00 “suggested bid.” I conclude that when the term is searched for, WFM comes up with other whole food markets. The difference between the two is WFM is a business which sells whole foods. I speculate that the term “whole food,” is used to describe foods that have not been unnaturally broken down or genetically modified. Therefore the term “whole food markets,” could be used to search for places that sell whole foods. Anyhow, the price advertisers are willing to pay is about $3.00 which is the highest amount of any keywords that fall under WFM.

I would simply use “whole foods market” to search for anything related to WFM. The keyword is long-tail (more than one word), making it long enough for many searches to come up. WFM is also a very famous and popular all-natural and organic grocery chain, so the keyword will surely pull up anything related to the company. I would also use keywords like “whole foods market locations” and “whole foods market careers” because both are long-tail keywords, making them specific enough to find exactly what you’re looking for. I wouldn’t really use any short-tail keywords to find information on WFM because I feel like any one word search would not lead you to information on WFM. If I needed to use short-tail keywords, I would use “Mackey” (founder of WFM) and maybe words like “organic” and “GMO-free.” (If this is considered one word)

SEO Optimizer found 3 items that WFM should improve on wholefoodsmarket.com. WFM’s website shows 24 images, 20 of which are without descriptions. There’s one frame on the site and an overabundance of external links. These problems could lead to search engine problems and make the website slow. Freereportcard found a couple small problems with wholefoodsmarket.com; however the most alarming is the amount of time it takes the site to load. Freereportcard scored WFM a 1/10 because the site took 1307.00 seconds to load. The time it takes to load could be explained by the problems mentioned on SEO Optimizer. I think WFM should check all images on wholefoodsmarket.com for descriptive captions. It should also optimize the number of external links and delete the frame tag.



Whole Foods Market Creates its Brand Community Through the Primal Code (graded post)

3 Oct

Whole Foods Market has built a strong brand community offline and online through numerous social media platforms/websites. Who would’ve thought that an all-natural grocery store founded in the ‘80s would grow to be one of the most popular and well-respected supermarket chains of the 21st century? Below shows how Whole Foods Market continues to create its brand community using the 7 aspects of the Primal Code by Patrick Hanlon, CEO and founder of Thinktopia, Inc.

Creation Story: Whole Foods Market shares its story on its website so that consumers know how the company first began.

The Creed: Whole Foods Market is about healthy eating and sustainable living. See http://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/mission-values and https://www.facebook.com/wholefoods/info for more information on WFM’s mission and core values.

Icons: Whole Foods Market uses a leaf that is connected to the “o” in Whole, to represent food that is fresh, natural, and well… whole!


Rituals: I know first-hand how Whole Foods Market strives for the best and prides itself where great customer service is concerned. It has a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed policy. The company also has high-quality standards to ensure that the food it offers to customers is the best in the market. There are standards in all of the departments, including the Produce, Seafood, Meat, and Whole Body teams. See http://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/about-our-products/quality-standards for more information on WFM’s quality standards.

The Sacred Words: Whole Foods Market is known for the words “organic,” “all-natural,” and “sustainability.” In fact all three words are used in the company’s mission and core values!

The Non-Believers: WFM v. Trader Joe’s- Whole Foods Market is often compared to other grocery store chains like Trader Joe’s, Pathmark, and Shop-Rite. The point of differentiation between Whole Foods Market and the others is the high-quality of organic and all-natural foods the company offers. WFM offers a shopping experience unlike its competitors!

The Leader: Whole Foods Market works as a business because of the leadership, values, and commitment from the members of the organization. Team Members at Whole Foods Market are dedicated to giving the best possible service on all levels of the business.  

WholeFoodsMarket.com: Objectives & Metrics (Graded)

27 Sep
Objectives Conclusion Metrics
Inform consumers The website wants to inform consumers of the companies mission and goals. It uses an “About Our Products” and “Missions & Values” link in the dropdown Menu list. WholeFoodsMarket.com also  posts informational articles and guides like “Food Guides” and “Cooking and Entertainment Guides,” “Healthy Eating,” “Special Diets,” “GMO’s: Your Right To Know,” etc. The website also offers a database of a wide range of recipes. Effectiveness/ Efficiency- It was easy to find information on specific topics with little effort and little time. 
Advertise Campaigns/ Promotions WholeFoodsMarket.com promotes national events, regional, and in-store sales, seasonal products, and fundraising initiatives for the Whole Planet Foundation and Whole Kids Foundation. Effectiveness- The website informed me of all promotions and used in depth descriptions of fundraising campaigns.
A following on Social Media Whole Foods Market uses various social media including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, and Blogs. The website uses the icons of the respective social media platforms to advertise that Whole Foods Market uses them. The website also displays blogs including “Whole Story,” “John Mackey’s Blog,” and “Walter Rob’s Blog.” Effectiveness/Efficiency/ Satisfaction- I was able to follow Whole Foods Market on various social media sites right off of the Wholefoodsmarket.com website with little to no effort or time.
Customer Service Wholefoodsmarket.com offers customer service online by offering “discussion forums,” a “Product FAQ’s page,” “Community Involvement,” and “Investors Relations” pages. The site also offers a way to inquire directly to your local store. Viewers are able to locate stores where there are any Whole Foods Market locations in the world, view the stores profile, contact information on Store Team Leaders, Assistant Store Team Leaders, and Marketing Team Leaders. Effectiveness/ Satisfaction- I was able answer my own questions using the FAQ’s page and was confident that if I had a specific question I could ask, then be answered in a timely fashion. This made me feel like the company truly cares about the customers thoughts, questions, and concerns.
Applicants for Employment Wholefoodsmarket.com allows potential applicants for employment read about available positions and apply online. Effectiveness/ Satisfaction- It was easy to look up positions for employment and very satisfying to be able to read a short description of the job requirements and duties, however, trying to apply a slightly difficult and time consuming task because I would need to make an account with a third party called Success Factors. This could turn interests away from applying.
Catering Viewers are able to place catering orders online. Effectiveness/ Efficiency/ Satisfaction– It was very easy to navigate through the catering menu. This ease made the ordering process quick, simple, and easy to do. 

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